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Our Programs


The teachers in our preschool classrooms are trained in the Montessori method; many of our other staff are as well. Training in the Montessori Method is held by the Montessori room teachers. Our preschool, toddler, and infant teachers have two or four year degrees in child development.


All of our teachers are trained in first aid, CPR, Shaken Baby Syndrome and SUIDS, this exceeds the requirement of our licensing agency - the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Our Board of Directors


Northfield Montessori would not be the great place that it is without our exceptional Board of Directors! The Board of Directors meets the third Thursday of each month. The Board is made up of volunteer parents & teachers.  Board elections are held annually. 


Teaching and Learning  


The general eduction method used is the Montessori Method. There are no religious, political or philosophical beliefs taught in the Center.


Parent conferences are held twice during the school year (in the fall and spring) to notify parents of their child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

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Classrooms & Programs

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Northfield Montessori has two infant classrooms that serve children six weeks to 16 months. Each classroom is licensed for 12 infants and we have a student-teacher ratio of 4:1.

Our experienced care-givers will help you and your children make the transition to child care by providing personal attention to your infant’s needs. Your baby’s schedule and feeding habits will be respected. Each child receives a daily report, so you will know what your baby did during the day. You will also have the opportunity to attend conferences with the lead teacher to discuss your baby’s developmental progress.



We have three toddler rooms at Northfield Montessori, for children ages 16 months to 33 months. The children are supervised at all times, Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are licensed for 42 toddlers in these rooms with a ratio of 7:1.


Welcome to the busy world of toddlers! Attention to large motor development is a big part of this program. Children play on a special outdoor toddler playground and indoors to stimulate the imagination and climbing instincts of these energetic little people. Toddlers also start to learn table manners and group dynamics which prepare them for preschool Montessori work. Art projects decorate the room. Story time, fun with music, and the flannel board top the list of favorite activities. Parents receive a daily report which includes activities, food eaten, naps and diaper/potty training.


We have four preschool rooms at Northfield Montessori, for children ages 33 months to 6 years. The children are supervised at all times, Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are licensed for 120 pre-schoolers in these rooms with a ratio of 10:1.
There are two learning environments for preschoolers. In the Montessori rooms, students choose their own “works” from the Montessori materials. In the Discovery room, children participate in more teacher-directed activities and have time for individual play. Play areas include building materials, housekeeping equipment and manipulations. The large preschool playground is ideal for large motor development and group activities. Children have fun tending the garden in the growing season and playing in the snow in the winter. Parents receive a daily report which includes activities, food eaten, naps and works completed.



Northfield Montessori provides children a kindergarten experience in a smaller class size taught by a teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. We are the perfect setting for those young children with summer birthdays or students who need a year to mature before fully entering the elementary school system.  The kindergarten program prepares children for the first grade using the materials in the preschool rooms with added emphasis on preparation for the social and intellectual demands of elementary school. The basics of writing and reading are taught using the Montessori Method of hands-on, individualized guidance. Parents may receive a daily report to include play, work, food report and works completed.


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